French oak reserve rum – 65%

This rum is pot distilled and aged on American Oak.
The American oak adds a Bourbon direction to the rum.
For all Whiskey lovers this is an incredibly delicious, classic rum.
Aged on American oak 65% al. vol.
We currently have 1-2 year old continuously. First batch ready 09-2023
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“Introducing Dark French Oak Reserve: A Pot Distilled Masterpiece, Aged to Perfection”

Uncover the essence of luxury with our Dark French Oak Reserve, a rum born from the harmonious union of pot distillation and exquisite French Oak aging. Delve into a world of opulence as this rich, dark oak adds a tantalizing color to the spirit, while infusing it with the delightful notes of vanilla, caramel, and chocolate.

A Cigar Lover’s Delight: The Ultimate Heavy Cigar Rum

For the aficionados of fine cigars, Dark French Oak Reserve is a true indulgence. With a robust, full-bodied profile, this rum complements your favorite cigar like no other. Its huge aroma spectrum promises to elevate your cigar enjoyment to new heights, creating an extraordinary pairing experience.

Aged to Perfection: French Oak Unveiling Excellence

Our rum’s journey reaches its apex as it is aged on French Oak, maturing gracefully to achieve unrivaled excellence. At 65% alcohol volume, every sip delivers a powerful yet smooth impact, a testament to the craftmanship and dedication that went into creating this exceptional spirit.

Experience the Epitome of Richness

Dark French Oak Reserve invites you to immerse yourself in its unrivaled richness. With each velvety sip, you’ll discover layers of complexity and a symphony of flavors that culminate in an unparalleled tasting experience.

Savor the Elegance

Embrace the sophistication and opulence of Dark French Oak Reserve. This distinctive rum is more than a libation; it’s an invitation to savor the finest moments in life and revel in the art of craftsmanship.

Unlock the Secrets of Dark French Oak Reserve

Unleash your taste for luxury, and allow the intoxicating aromas and flavors of Dark French Oak Reserve to captivate your senses. Join the privileged few who have experienced the true essence of indulgence in every drop of this remarkable rum. Cheers to the refined tastes and the indulgent moments that await you with Dark French Oak Reserve.

The same distilling method with more molasses aroma, but American oak is “bulk rum – aged on American oak – 65%