White Rhum Agricole Pot distilled – 70%

white Rhum Agricole – pot distilled @65%

Normally Rhum Agricole is distilled in the French territories only as column distilled rum.

We make our Rhum Agricole in a pot distillery. That makes this rum very special.

It is the by far the most work intense rum we produce. So it is not low cost, but the aroma is incredibly heavenly and unparalleled.

One of the most premium white rum possible to produce.




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“Unveiling the Extraordinary: White Rhum Agricole – Pot Distilled @70% ABV”

Prepare to embark on a journey of unparalleled taste and craftsmanship with our White Rhum Agricole, expertly pot distilled to perfection at 70% ABV. While traditionally, Rhum Agricole is associated with French territories and column distillation, we dare to challenge conventions by crafting our exquisite spirit in a pot distillery, making it truly special and unique.

A Labor of Love: Elevating Rhum Agricole to New Heights

At our distillery, we pour heart and soul into creating this exceptional White Rhum Agricole, making it by far our most labor-intensive rum. The result is a spirit that exudes a heavenly aroma and captivates the senses like no other.

An Unmatched Aroma: The Epitome of Premium White Rum

Every drop of our White Rhum Agricole tells a story of dedication and passion. From the meticulous pot distillation process to the carefully nurtured sugarcane, we produce one of the most premium white rums possible. The taste experience is beyond compare – an aroma that transcends ordinary spirits and reaches new heights of indulgence.

Not Your Average White Rum: Embrace the Extraordinary

While our White Rhum Agricole may not be a budget-friendly option, its aroma and richness make it a treasure worth savoring. Allow yourself to be whisked away by the allure of this extraordinary spirit, elevating your senses and redefining the standard for premium white rum.

Experience Excellence with White Rhum Agricole

Indulge in the essence of luxury with every sip of our White Rhum Agricole. Crafted with passion and dedication, it’s a testament to the heights that artisanal distillation can achieve. Embrace the rarity of this exquisite spirit and immerse yourself in an unmatched taste adventure. Cheers to elevating your rum experience with White Rhum Agricole – a true gem amongst spirits.

The white molasses pot distilled version is “bulk rum – white heavy pot rum 65%